TLD experimentation and authority building and publishing and SEO [Podcast]

Can a website or network of websites rank with few links and multiple TLDs? Brands built over the last few years indexed in Google News using the “.news” domain, and using a separate domain for the “.reviews” TLD in Google to access featured snippets?

How do i do this? As SEOs, what can we learn from this?

In this episode, Jon Henshaw, SEO at Paramount+ and founder of Raven Tools & CoyWolf, joins me to discuss his experience building a personal publishing project, Coywolf Network.

Our discussion includes insights into what this means for the future of content publishing and SEO.

This is a place for me to test publishing and rankings. Having said that, I would say that one of the most interesting things I’ve observed over the past year is being able to rank content very high without any outreach or link building.— Jon Henshaw, 18:47

I always write in a way that is very focused on disambiguation. When I wrote, I mentioned an entity that could confirm to Google that this is the thing.— Jon Henshaw, 26:13

At SEJ, we do not do any link building. Our link building tool is our publish button. —Loren Baker, 1:04:29

[00:00] – A little about Jon
[06:23] – Is the increase in video and imagery in search results relevant?
[10:05] – How Coy Wolf got started.
[17:29] – Which signals became stronger in the last year?
[18:50] – An interesting thing Jon observed in the rankings.
[24:16] – Other experiments by Coy Wolf.
[37:30] – Reputation management strategy.
[56:07] – Has search visibility for professional news and review sites increased?
[1:01:42] – Does network quality help?
[1:07:00] – How Jon set up his hosting.

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I think the latest algorithm update might have something to do with how much time people spend on content before they actually click back to search results.— Jon Henshaw, 26:38

I’m definitely experimenting and doing things that many in our field don’t consider best practice. Never seen it before, otherwise I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. However, I’ve learned from this that there are some things I would suggest or recommend now because it’s not as bad as you might think.— Jon Henshaw. 54:14

It reminds me of the Japanese concept of Kaizen. Every mountain starts with a speck of dust, and yes, Kaizen is at the thousandth step. But you have to start with the first step, and over time you will slowly grow. —Loren Baker, 50:43

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Jon brings unparalleled experience and expertise to the digital marketing and web technology fields. He founded Raven Tools, which is widely used in the industry after selling it to TapClicks in 2017.

He is also no stranger to the big screen, having worked with Fortune 500 companies throughout his career. Currently, he is the lead SEO analyst for Paramount, where you can find him directing and overseeing the streaming services of Paramount+, Pluto TV, Showtime, and CBS.

Additionally, as editor-in-chief of CoyWolf, he ensures that all stories are reported with strict journalistic integrity.

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