Reasons Why You Should Choose a Dedicated WordPress Host

Running an enterprise-grade website on WordPress is not easy. It requires a high level of reliability, security, and flexibility. This is where dedicated WordPress hosting comes to the rescue.

WordPress’ hosting services gave you the option to choose from dedicated servers and shared or VPS hosting plans. Currently, many organizations and even e-commerce businesses are using dedicated hosting to run their website. Dedicated WordPress Hosting is a higher-tier hosting option that offers multiple benefits that justify its price tag.

Advantages of a Dedicated WordPress Host

Here are a few reasons why it is wise to opt for dedicated hosting rather than shared hosting, despite the former option being the more expensive one.

Complete Control Over Server

In shared and VPS hosting, several websites are allowed to use small areas within a single server. On the other hand, dedicated hosting provides website owners with their very own dedicated server. The best thing about a dedicated server is that the resources are dedicated to a single client. This means you have complete control over the resources. You can take control of factors like advertisements, images, and browser compatibility. You can upload your own software and even reboot the server if and when needed.

Better Performance

When a website runs on a shared server, where resources are shared by several users, the way one website performs can impact others. In simple words, if another business uses more resources, the performance of your website will be impacted. Sometimes, a spike in bandwidth or bad scripts running on other websites could significantly slow down the server. With dedicated servers, however, you don’t share resources. Everything on the server is dedicated to your website. This way, your website will perform optimally at all times.

Highest Level of Uptime

According to data published by Statista, the average hourly downtime of servers cost 24% of businesses between $301,000 and $400,000. When your website is down, customers cannot see it. This can have a significantly negative impact on your business. On the other hand, dedicated hosting offers a reliable environment with the highest uptime.

Top-notch security

Imagine the number of unavoidable threats your website will be exposed to when it is running on a shared server. Such threats, quite often, come from other websites sharing the server. When a business opts to use a dedicated server, they know exactly how it is set up and its components. This way, you can protect your website with the highest degree of security.


A website cannot go beyond the software, applications, and operating environment already loaded on the server in shared web hosting. If you want to customize the server to match your unique needs for RAM, CPU, software, and disk space, the more flexible dedicated servers become an instant option.


If your website receives low to medium traffic, less-costly shared hosting can be a good option. However, if your site gets a lot of traffic, opt for dedicated WordPress hosting for excellent reliability, stability, and security.


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