Microsoft Bing adds coupon codes to shopping searches

Microsoft Bing is adding new annotations to shopping search results, including valid coupon codes for retailer sites.

Now don’t worry about missing out on saving money when shopping online. If there are coupons or promotions, Bing will let you know in the SERPs.

Microsoft said in a blog post:

“Ever wonder if you overlooked coupons or special promotions when you were shopping online? Or, maybe you didn’t even consider that there might be a discount and you missed it! Bing now offers you this information in Shopping Search — —Comments are neatly nested in your search results, no browser extensions or plug-ins are required to install (third-party cookies must be enabled.)

Here’s an example of a new coupon annotation in Bing:

Image credit: Screenshot from, August 2022.

Just click the note, click copy and start, and continue shopping as usual. The coupon will be automatically applied to the purchase at checkout.

This feature is available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and France.

Additional Updates to Notes

Moral Choice Notes

In another update to Shopping Search Notes, Bing is expanding the Ethical Choice label to more regions.

Bing displays Ethical Choice annotations to highlight eco-friendly, upcycled or fair trade fashion choices.

Microsoft provides more information in its blog post:

“Powered by the ethical fashion app Good On You®, ethical choice ratings are based on a brand’s impact on three domains: people, planet, and animals. For more information, click on any ethical choice note found in the search results”

Price History Notes

Microsoft reminded searchers that it recently made price history annotations available on Bing.

As shown in the example below, price history annotations allow you to determine if it’s a good time to buy a particular product.

Microsoft Bing adds coupon codes to shopping searchesImage credit: Screenshot from, August 2022.

In this example, the price is stable and has dropped slightly from the highest price. This information lets you know that you haven’t paid more for your product than you should have.

On the other hand, if prices are higher than usual and have a history of volatility, you may decide to hold off on buying.

When everyone can save money, these updates from Bing are certainly welcome additions to search results.

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