Increase your visibility with real estate content marketing [Ebook]

Almost all real estate purchases start online.

But the journey from browsing to buying is long, difficult and emotional.

Content is your key to keeping your head clear as your prospects make decisions.

“With so many online interactions starting, the trust-building process begins before you even meet or talk to your customers. Whether it’s organic search results, email marketing, social media, or other channels, the way this trust-building material is delivered both content. “

That’s according to Chandal Nolasco da Silva, author of SEJ’s latest ebook, A Guide to Real Estate Content Marketing.

While perfecting your content marketing process is critical, keeping up with each channel and keeping fresh content coming out is time-consuming.

How do you use content to drive marketing across all channels and create new touchpoints with audiences in a timely and effective manner?

Delivering the right content to the audience you know in the right place is key.

In this eBook, Da Silva breaks down the important core concepts in a real estate content marketing strategy.

Learn how to:

Market listings of relevant locations and people

Every client’s real estate journey ends in one location.

The first step in effective content marketing is making sure your content is targeting the right audience. It’s not just about visibility, it’s about making the most of your content by making it visible in the right way.

When people are lying on the couch, browsing properties and dreaming of their next home, you want to be their result.

“Going public can be the link between dreams and places,” said SEJ founder Loren Baker. “Chandal taught us how to understand what people in a given geographic location are looking for. Good local targeting helps ensure that the content you work hard for has the greatest impact.

Prove that you understand the needs of places and people. This is how going public can begin to capture the dream. “

This approach also helps attract institutional investors because it emphasizes your knowledge of local trends.

You will learn how to:

  • Use audience research to create better listings and targeted content.
  • Find out what types of content your audience likes and how they like to interact with you.
  • Refine and improve your content strategy based on the actions you want people to take.

Start understanding the power of location and audience with this eBook.

Leverage the right channels in your real estate marketing plan

Content is not just your first point of contact with buyers and sellers. It could be the second, the fifth, the twentieth.

Even if they see your listing first, potential customers may see your competitor’s listing and content multiple times before making a decision. By then, they may have forgotten about you.

You must understand which channels are best for which content and how to engage users at multiple points in their buying journey.

This eBook will guide you through the following channels to get the most out of the content:

  • SEO content on your real estate website.
  • Real estate social media marketing with powerful visual assets.
  • Influencer marketing for your property.
  • Email marketing to connect with real estate prospects.

If you’re ready to build a comprehensive real estate marketing strategy across multiple channels, this content marketing ebook can show you how to get started.

Create real estate content

Maybe you’ve heard that “content is king,” but creating content is time-consuming and managing all the different platforms is overwhelming. Well-crafted content, delivered on the right channel at the right time, is far more effective than trying to maintain an unsustainable release rate through all of it.

Visual content is critical in real estate. But it’s not just high-quality listing photos.

A house is a big deal. They are the biggest purchase or sale of most people’s lives. There are many things you can do to educate and reassure people at different stages, and building that trust will pay off.

Based on what you’ll learn in Chapter 1 of the eBook, da Silva will give you guidance on prioritizing content creation.

Your priorities and the type of content you produce will change based on the channel and where your audience is in the buying process.

You will learn:

  • How long your content should be.
  • When and where to post different types of content.
  • How to optimize your images. Don’t skip this step!

Start planning your real estate marketing content.

Develop and track your real estate marketing plan

Perfecting your content marketing to make it more manageable and effective requires tracking. There’s no point in continuing to invest in strategies that don’t work.

Content marketing is a continuous process of improvement. you need to:

  • Define and measure KPIs and ROI for each content and each overall strategy and channel.
  • Test your content to see how it performs and how your audience reacts to it.
  • Optimize your work by focusing on trackable metrics so you can understand what you’re getting out of your content marketing.

Content is how you improve search rankings, increase brand awareness, and ultimately gain more customers. But there are many ways to achieve these goals, and there are many steps between content marketing and sales.

Breaking these goals is the final step that Da Silva will guide you through.

Taking the steps above can help your content marketing be more effective.

If you want more details on any part of the process, download the Real Estate Content Marketing Guide.

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