Google is testing more local-serving ads in the SERPs

Google is testing more local serving ads for each set of search results, three ads on a page instead of two.

Google’s advertising liaison, Ginny Marvin, confirmed the test, saying it was designed to increase consumer confidence in LSA:

Google’s experiment went against expectations, as it drew more attention to the ongoing LSA spam problem.

Google increases LSAs to three per page

Adding another ad unit may have a positive impact on businesses advertising their services on Google.

However, it makes Google’s LSA spam more common.

As noted in a reply to Marvin’s tweet, there are several issues plaguing local service ads right now. like:

  • fake business ads
  • Commercial profile ads with fake reviews
  • Disabled Business Profile Ads

Considering that each of these ad packages has the promise of being “screened by Google”, there must be a quality assurance gap somewhere.

Marvin assured advertisers that Google takes these reports seriously:

“We are committed to ensuring that the LSA Division provides users and service providers with a trusted experience. We have taken your report seriously and will continue to do so.”

Hopefully, Google can control the volume of spam LSAs before they erode consumer confidence in ad units.

For legitimate businesses using LSA to promote their services, this test means your ad is more likely to appear on Google’s homepage.

If you notice a fraudulent ad next to you, please use the reporting option to make Google aware of this.

Featured Image: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

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