Google brings optimization scores to Performance Max campaigns

Google is rolling out six new features for Performance Max campaigns, including the long-awaited optimization score.

Advertisers can now quickly and easily identify areas for improvement before a Performance Max campaign goes live.

Additionally, the newly added description will help answer questions about how the campaign will perform after launch.

Here are all the details on the six new features for Performance Max campaigns.

Google Ads Performance Max campaigns: 6 new features

1. Optimize the score

Find ways to improve your campaigns with your Google Ads Optimization Score.

Scores range from 0-100%, and if your campaign rating falls below 100%, you’ll get suggestions to improve your score.

Optimization Score, a feature that advertisers rely on when creating other types of campaigns in Google Ads, is now available in Performance Max.

2. Seasonal adjustment

Seasonal adjustments allow you to adjust bid strategies for events where higher conversion rates are expected, such as promotions and sales.

If you expect conversion rates to increase significantly outside of typical seasonal patterns, Google recommends that you use seasonal adjustment. Smart Bidding already takes into account forecasted seasonal events.

3. Data Exclusion

With data exclusion, you can tell Google’s Smart Bidding to ignore data for dates on which your campaign is having trouble tracking conversions.

Excluding this data prevents inaccurate conversion tracking from affecting your Performance Max bid strategy.

4. Advanced Positioning Control

Locate your targets more precisely with new advanced location options.

Under “Location Options” in your campaign settings, you’ll find targeting options based on actual “Presence” or “Presence or Interest.”

5. Description

The instructions in the Performance Max campaign will help take the guesswork out of why you’re seeing unexpected performance changes.

Google Ads will provide suggestions to correct your performance, allowing you to save time by troubleshooting issues right away.

6. Diagnostic insights

During the initial setup of a Performance Max campaign, you can leverage diagnostic insights to identify any issues with ad policies, billing, budgets, and more.

If any issues are found, Google will suggest fixes.

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