Google Ads rolls out tools to upgrade to Performance Max

Google Ads has begun rolling out a tool that allows advertisers to self-upgrade eligible Smart Shopping and Local campaigns to Performance Max.

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would discontinue smart shopping and local events because the Performance Max offered the same basic functionality.

Google will automatically upgrade campaigns to Performance Max around the end of September. However, we encourage advertisers to upgrade their campaigns in advance.

Here’s what you need to know about the Self-Upgrade Tool, including how to use it and when it will be available.

Use the Google Ads Self-Upgrade Tool

You can access Google’s self-upgrade tools for Local and Smart Shopping campaigns from the Recommendations or Campaigns page or by clicking the link in the notification.

Upgrading is an easy one-click process. An example is shown below:

Image credit: Screenshot from, August 2022.

Historical campaign performance from your previous local campaigns will carry over to the new Performance Max campaign. Campaign settings such as conversion goals, budgets, creative assets, and bid strategies will also transfer.

After an upgrade, local campaigns will be set to “Removed,” meaning they cannot be edited or reactivated.


Google said the self-upgrade tool will be rolled out in stages throughout August and early September.

If you choose not to use the self-upgrade tool, Google will automatically upgrade your Smart Shopping and Local campaigns around the end of September.

Google will do a second round of automatic upgrades in 2023 for campaigns that were not upgraded in September. This is to minimize disruptions during the holidays.

You may receive a notification from Google before your campaigns are automatically upgraded.

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