Google Ads launches diagnostic insights

Google Ads is rolling out a new dataset to the Insights page that highlights any issues found during diagnostic checks.

Diagnostic insights will help you identify issues that prevent your campaigns from showing, cause low engagement, make it difficult to measure conversions, and more.

This data can be found on the Insights and Overview page of a Performance Max campaign so you can troubleshoot issues as soon as you detect them.

Google Ads will provide a detailed breakdown of the following insights:

  • account status
  • billing status
  • policy review
  • Conversion tracking
  • campaign budget
  • Bid strategy target
  • Active status
  • Ad intensity

Tailored recommendations will take the guesswork out of fixing issues Google finds, so you can get your campaigns back to peak performance in no time.

Diagnostic insights in Google Ads were previewed in May and announced soon. Two months later, the launch is underway.

Google Ads Diagnostic Insights

Diagnostic insights only show when your campaign isn’t getting traffic or conversions.

If your campaign is running and people are viewing ads and clicking on them, no diagnostic issues will be reported.

Keep in mind that Google hasn’t given everyone access to the Insights page as it’s currently in beta.

Google is gradually rolling out each insight type to randomly selected people, which means you may have an insight page with limited data.

Currently, diagnostic insights are available for Performance Max campaigns. In the coming months, the new dataset will be expanded to other activity types.

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