Google Ads Creative Studio is now available to all advertisers

Google Ads Creative Studio, a tool for creating unique ads at scale, is out of beta and available to all advertisers.

For many businesses, delivering relevant ads to customers at scale is prohibitively expensive.

As a result, they must choose between the effectiveness of highly targeted, customized advertising, or a less customized solution that fits their budget.

With Ads Creative Studio, Google aims to help businesses do both.

What does Google Ads Creative Studio do?

Google Ads Creative Studio allows advertisers to create hundreds of versions of a single display or video ad.

Advertisers can tailor ads to different audiences, locations, languages ​​or environments.

how? Google explained in a blog post:

“Just tell us which elements of your ad creative (such as product images, overlay text, or sounds) you want to make ‘swappable’ and provide different versions of that element based on a set of rules you create. These rules include what you want The audience you reach or the context you want to match.”

You provide the creative elements and positioning information, and Google does the rest.

You can now share projects made in Ads Creative Studio to Google Ads, Display and Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360.

This update makes the Asset Library in Ads Creative Studio a unified home page for all creative assets for sharing across multiple accounts.

Google showcases the capabilities of Ads Creative Studio in a new launch video:

Google Ads Creative Studio is now available

After a successful beta release, a refined version of Ads Creative Studio is now available.

Google noted that during the beta period, brands like General Motors used Ads Creative Studio to increase brand awareness for new vehicles.

Ads Creative Studio enabled GM to reduce ad costs by 36%, increase branded searches by 56%, and reduce cost-per-view by 32% compared to industry benchmarks.

Ads Creative Studio is currently compatible with video creatives and will soon add display ad functionality.

resource: Google
Featured Image: Mind And I/Shutterstock

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