8 Link Building Techniques to Target a Local Audience

Link Building Techniques: The landscape of SEO has transformed a lot in the last few years. If you are running a business, neglecting your local audience or customers will cost you dearly. Therefore, entrepreneurs nowadays are taking resort to local SEO as this ensures that your business will rank higher by the local audience on various search engines. Moreover, this implies that you can now target customers who use their mobile devices with a GPS system to find any local business.

In local SEO, knowledge of some link-building techniques stands out the most amidst an array of techniques to target the local audience. In 2016, apply these techniques and be ready to get amazed by the results. So, let us have a glimpse of eight such techniques.

1. Target Local Websites for Your Audience

Yes, this makes absolute sense and is currently one of the most popular link-building techniques to target local audiences. However, it will take considerable time to figure out a quality local website for posting your guest posts. Just make sure that the chosen local website enjoys high social shares and high-quality traffic.

Guest Post

2. Feature Your Business on Google Maps 

Your business can enjoy much more visibility when you feature your business on Google maps. You need to follow just a simple process of six steps to feature your business. Upon Google search, your local audience will immediately know about your hours of operation of your business, your contact number, and even driving directions effortlessly. Now, this makes clicking on your website link more tempting.

Local Business

3. Upgrade Your Website with Evergreen Content

Just writing and uploading a couple of thousand words of content is no longer enough to attract visitors. Your content must be interesting and stay relevant for a long time. These can be tips, guides, how-to-do, answers to industry FAQs, or a tutorial. If possible, try to add an eye-catching infographic too. So, start now and devote all your resources to writing amazing content.

4. Add Brackets to Your Headlines When Applicable

This one is a cool trick and can boost your traffic significantly! Your visitors will have a clear picture of what your article will be all about, and thus, they are more likely to click the link than headlines devoid of any bracket clarification. An example is Everything You Should Know About Facebook Like Buttons [Video].

5. Go For Link Reclamation

Did you stumble upon your brand name on a Google search with no links to your website? Well, if it is, then you should immediately go for link reclamation as you are definitely losing some good opportunities. You can make your job easier by using some useful tools to detect the unlinked mentions of your brand over the web. Once you have found all such unlinked mentions, try to get a backlink to your website by proven tactics.

6. Validate Email Addresses

While pitching for the first time, a failed email delivery notification appears the most disappointing one. Eradicate this issue by validating the email addresses; you can find many suitable online tools. Once eradicated, the validation will help you receive secondary email messages that may go a long way to your link building in 2016. Have a great SEO campaign by ensuring you have a good email outreach.

7. Embrace the Art of Sharing

It is not always a good practice to expect other people to link to your site or business. You should embrace the art of sharing and give links to others having a business in your locality. By doing so, you are not doing any favor to the other person; instead, you are building a good rapport with local influencers or businesses. Believe it or not, finding local influencers is not tedious. Giving out links to others will eventually motivate others to link you back. Thus, you are positioning yourself before your visitors as a valuable resource with genuine knowledge of your local-area business.

8. Create a Social Media Profile

It is impossible to ignore the power of social media, especially when millions of people have an active presence on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. Having a social media profile is a good to target your local audience. In this way, you are making your chances high to feature at top rankings in Google page search results. If you are confused about creating a good social media profile, there is big stuff over the web to help you out.

Create a Social Media Profile

So follow these link-building techniques and target your audience in your local area effortlessly. Make sure to engage your visitors so they can become your potential customers or consumers and boost your business. Take your business to new heights of success in 2016!

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