3 Key Content Marketing Strategies To Get Website Traffic From Month 1

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You just created a brand new website, published a lot of content, and spent a lot of time and money.

  • After 2 days: no traffic.
  • 30 days passed: still no traffic.

Rough, isn’t it?

But what if we could show you a better way?

time to implement a Proven and reliable strategy Rank on the SERPs and start generating traffic from the first month.

Is this a quick hack? No.

Is it possible to implement it for free? Unfortunately, no.

Does it work? Absolutely!

In just 6 months, this strategy yielded 100,000+ Unique visitors from organic search.

Screenshot of Google Search Console for Gardeniaorganic.com, July 2022

Before we dive into the tactics you’ve tried, let’s talk about why people say it takes so long to rank a new website on Google.

Why is it so hard to get a high site ranking on a new site?

Before we dive into this article, you need to understand why this problem occurs.

The shortest and most powerful answer is – you need content to rank.

Buying links, guest posting, outreach, and hiring SEO “experts” are the least of your problems.

Instead, you must focus on:

  • The real needs of your readers.
  • Your unique expertise.
  • Add new ideas to the network.

If you don’t implement these three keys, link building and outreach are irrelevant.

The faster you get quality content on your site, the faster you’ll start ranking on the SERPs.

3 Keys to Content Marketing Success

Successful content depends on these three keys, be it a niche or an industry.

If your content falls short in any of these areas, you’ve identified your first problem.

Key 1: Give readers what they want

Follow your readers, and search engines will follow you.

You’ve heard it time and time again in recent years: “Meet search intent.”

The good news is – there’s nothing complicated about it.

All you need to do is give your readers what they want and need:

  • If your potential customers want to review a product, give them a detailed product review.
  • If they want an answer to a question, give them an answer to that question as soon as possible.

Key 2: Implement EAT

EAT stands for “professional, authoritative and trustworthy”. This is the ultimate summary of the perfect article.

You can create this experience for your readers by publishing well-researched content backed by data, unique insights, and hard-to-access information.

It makes sense, aside from the fact that Google takes the concept very seriously.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes.

When you need help:

  • Don’t you want to read from people who know what they’re talking about?
  • Don’t you want to get information from someone with authority and high credibility?
  • Wouldn’t you stay away from people who just regurgitate existing information on the internet?

That’s what Google wants from your new website, and that’s what EAT is all about.

Key 3: Create something new

What makes your content different from other content on the Internet?

To get to page 1 on Google, you just need to post something better than the top 10 results on Google.

There is a way to do this: implement key one and key two.

To really increase your content, here are some things you can do to make your website more valuable:

  • Supplementary video.
  • Unique graphics and infographics.
  • Podcast feature.
  • interview.
  • Case studies.
  • sound.

Once you understand these three keys, the rest will come naturally.

Now let me show you how Carl Broadbent came about 100,000 unique visitors in 6 months Use the brand new website: GardeniaOrganic.com.

3 Key Content Marketing Strategies To Get Website Traffic From Month 1Screenshot of GardeniaOrganic.com, July 2022

Try this: “100,000 Visitors in Six Months” Content Strategy

Like the three keys, this strategy revolves around simplicity.

This is Our writing agency uses the exact same process Serving more than 800 clients.

It’s also how we’ve been able to help countless clients get over 100,000 monthly page views in six months.

Step 1: Conduct thematic research

Everything starts here.

You just need to find keywords with low competition and high opportunity.

Don’t overcomplicate the process with formulas or a huge tech stack.

The process is simple.

How to Conduct Subject Research

  1. Analyze successful content in your niche.
  2. Drill down on all related queries.
  3. Identify keywords with low-quality content on their SERPs.
  4. Create better content than what’s on the SERPs.

proof of success

We recently implemented this process for a client in the DIY space.

We made 47 posts for him and in less than 2 months he already has 40-50 daily visitors.

3 Key Content Marketing Strategies To Get Website Traffic From Month 1Screenshot of Ezoic, July 2022

It sounds simple. That’s because it is.

Good marketing trumps everything, and good content is no exception.

As long as the need for the information you publish is minimal, all you have to do is create better content than everyone else and you will see results.

As mentioned above, achieve this in hundreds of keywords; you will grow like never before.

Step 2: Create a lot of content

We know; it’s probably the last thing you want to hear, but it’s the only thing that will accelerate your organic growth and results.

But don’t let that scare you.

instead, hear this:

That is Growth of over 1,500% traffic in six months.

and 32,918% income growth.

3 Key Content Marketing Strategies To Get Website Traffic From Month 1Image created by Hands Off Publishing and GardeniaOrganic.com, July 2022

Now, if he sells his website there, and then sells it at a multiple of 35, which is easy to do, he’ll make a net profit of $23,469.37!

The most important thing to understand here is that you can optimize your website to look great and you can have a great logo but only the content will drive you traffic and most importantly, you can make money.

Your monthly content output strategy

  • Month 1: Create and publish 450 high-quality, well-researched EAT content.
  • Month 2: Create and publish 80 new high-quality, well-researched EAT content.
  • Month 3+: Create and publish 50 new high-quality, well-researched EAT content.

Step 3: Focus on 1 Content Type

Rather than adapting to different writing styles and formats, keep your content strategy simple and focus on one content type.

Each content type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of writing how-to guides

Take the how-to guide as an example.

They’re great, but you need a lot of original images and videos alongside your written content to make them stand out.

Pros and cons of creating and generating product review content

Product reviews basically make up 40% of Amazon’s revenue.

But reviews require more work than just rewriting Amazon reviews, pasting some pictures straight from retailers, or offering a table of “best” options.

Advantages and disadvantages of information content

For Carl and many of our customers, information it’s the best.

When your potential readers search for a question or question they have, you can give them the answer right away.

To make it work perfectly, you need to create something you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet.

What’s the fastest way to achieve this? Buy the product and really review it.

This is a example In one article, Carl used the above method to produce a great and unique piece of content.

This is a video let it be.

See how it all works in our Complete strategy and case studies.

No more copying text and reviews from Amazon. You need some real-world experience writing original content with the product.

Step 4: Build Natural Links

It’s not a myth that link building is one of Google’s best ranking factors.

Most people fail at link building because they go the route of trying to get quick links.

What are quick links?

Quick links are not good for your website’s success.

They’re built by spamming every site, email list, and friends to try and get someone to share your content and give you a link.

This was fine 15 years ago – but not anymore.

Getting one organically acquired link is more important than getting 100 spam unfollowing links from random places that have nothing to do with your content.

5 Effective Ways to Get Natural Backlinks:

  1. Create amazing unique content that no one else has.
  2. Add your own original images.
  3. Create charts and infographics that people can download and share or add to their own websites.
  4. Add a quiz or calculator. Carl has a fish tank calculator on the pet website that works out the amount of water in the tank. This is a great way to get shares and links.
  5. video content. Make your own videos that people can embed into their websites.

There are many more ways, but these five things are all you need to succeed in link building.

Strategy summary

The key to a good content creation strategy is simplicity.

  1. Write a lot of valuable content.
  2. Focus on one content type (informational content works best).
  3. Just focus on organic link building.
  4. Let the results flow.

Publishing 500 posts in your first month is not essential for this approach to work for you. What is more important is the content of these articles (reference key 1 to 3) and the consistency of publication.

Want to implement this strategy?

Want to make it easier to create tons of great content and hit your first month goals?

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