10 Best Lead Generation Plugins For WordPress

Generation of new sales leads is the key to success for any business. No wonder then that the data published by Bright TALK in their report on B2B Lead Generation says that 53% of marketers allot more than half of their budget to lead generation.

Bloggers, small or large businesses and even hobbyists are increasingly using online marketing tools and techniques to grow their audience base and convert their website visitors into subscribers and customers.

Lead generation is achieved when a visitor either requests for more information or signs up for a service. For this, they usually need to enter their contact details on the website, information that can later be used by the business for its marketing campaigns. But, for this, you will need to a contact form that a visitor can easily fill. And, this is possible through a WordPress plugin.

Here are the top 10 plugins that I believe are immensely helpful for lead generation to drive sales.

10 Best Lead Generation Plugins For WordPress

Let’s start with the first one.

Thrive Leads

I am extremely impressed by this email-list building opt-in form plugin, created by Thrive Themes. Thrive Leads is the most advanced list building plugin for WordPress that has made building an email list easier like ever before. This plugin combines every type of opt-in form you could ask for in a single plugin. You can use its highly simple drag and drop editor to create an attractive design, set up A/B testing and display relevant forms by post, category or tags, by deploying advanced targeting. This plugin lets you display sticky ribbons, lightbox popups inline forms, both 1-Step and 2-Step opt-in forms and slide-in forms.


Popular as one of the most powerful lead generation software developed in Florida, OptinMonster helps you grow your email list and convert abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers with the help of Exit Intent® technology and dynamic marketing tools. Just like Thrive Leads, OptinMonster too has powerful features like a drag and drop form builder, A/B split testing, built-in analytics and ability to show campaign specific messages. This standalone application integrates with web platforms like Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, and, of course, WordPress, making it an ultimate choice.


The makers of Lead Boxer have adopted a holistic and client-focused approach to create a plugin that enables businesses to collect information and understand their visitors. The plugin allows web owners to see the names of visitors who were earlier anonymous. Learning more about each visitor can help a business understand the interests and needs of its target audience. The plugin also suggests ways in which these visitors can be contacted. This information can be turned into actionable intelligence by the sales and marketing team to generate qualified leads from online users, identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and to close deals faster.


HubSpot has developed a free, lead generation plugin, Leadin, which lets you enjoy some of the most essential features of the HubSpot suite at no added cost. The plugin was designed as an “Introduction to Inbound” for beginners in lead generation and the HubSpot suite. Leadin enables WordPress site owners to create an exit-intent popup form on their site to collect contact information from visitors and turn them into leads. This plugin helps web owners learn more about their site’s visitors and their behavior on the site. The plugin also lets you see a glimpse of the visitor’s past activities and interactions on the site, such as the pages they viewed and the length of their stay. The plugin then uses augmented “intelligence” to inquire about the company online.

Hello Bar

Nothing can help convert more of your visitors into paying customers than the conversion-oriented WordPress plugin, Hello Bar. You just need to copy and paste the Hello Bar code snippet from HelloBar.com straight on to your WordPress admin interface. This bar encourages visitors to join your email list or begin a trial of your product. The plugin helps you add email subscribers, drive traffic to a landing page, advertise special deals or make a site-wide announcement.


Want to grow your email list wherever you go? Sumo makes collecting new contacts on the go much easier. This is a free list building app, highly popular amongst WordPress users. There are four tools suitable for list-building, including List Builder with its elegant popups, Welcome Mat with full screen opt-in forms, Scroll Box with an opt-in box on scrolling and Smart Bar to add notifications at the top and bottom of the page. Sumo gives you the entire toolbox of apps that helps you convert more of your visitors into email subscribers and customers.


An easy way to add email opt-in forms to a WordPress website, OptinSkin is a lead generation plugin that boasts a host of powerful tools like A/B testing opt-in forms, mind blowing effects, customizable designs, integration with email marketing services and more. OptinSkin works by inserting “skins” into certain posts on your blog. The plugin comes with a total of 18 default professional quality templates of skins.

Scroll Triggered Boxes

If you want someone to buy your product, you’ll need strong calls to action (CTAs) on your website. Scroll Triggered Boxes is a great way to add calls-to-action on your website. This lightweight plugin allows you to add slidable or fadeable boxes on pages that contain the desired content, such as custom HTML, text, email collection forms.en, etc. Compared to other WordPress plugins, I found Scroll Triggered Boxes to be less intrusive, hence given an absolute thumbs up from my side.

Thrive Architect

Sometimes known as a “lead capture page, landing pages are really important not only because they allow you to convert leads quickly, but also because they can reduce your bounce rate. Thrive Architect is great page builder plugin that enables you to create landing pages to quickly and efficiently convert visitors into leads, and leads into sales. Thrive Architect supports tow lead generation options; traditional 1-Step and conversion boosting 2-Step opt –in forms. This plugin was initially written with more than 150 landing pages and templates in its library, and the number is only growing.

Here’s a look at how the plugin works.

Thrive Ultimatum

How do you think you are able to successfully spur people to do what you want them to do? According to Neil Patel, this can be done by a creating stronger sense of urgency in your landing page. Thrive Ultimatum is a WordPress plugin that adds urgency to your calls to cction to boost conversions by using tactics like countdown timers or limited offers 7-Day Offers during a festive season and end of the month. This plugin lets you take advantage of every aspect of scarcity marketing and the results are unbelievable.

Thrive Ultimatum comes packed with ready-made customizable templates, along with intuitive, drag-and-drop visual editor for all types of campaigns including fixed date, recurring, evergreen and multi-page.


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